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Technical Support

Here is a list of our technical documents to help you better use our service
Reducing Spam in your Inbox
Yes, Virginia, there are still people using dialup modems!!!!
Dialup Modems under Windows 7
Updating Modem INF files for Windows 7
Troubleshooting Phone Line Quality Problems
Do not download the following unless you have been directed to do so by a Portlandia Cloud Services support person
Teamviewer for Windows
Teamviewer for Macintosh EXCEPT Catalina!
Teamviewer for Macintosh ONLY Catalina!
NOTE ON MacOS Catalina – if you are running the latest MacOS 10.15 – Nicknamed Catalina – then older versions of Teamviewer for the Mac WILL NOT WORK on your Mac. Instead you MUST download and install the latest version of Teamviewer from the Teamviewer website. PCS cannot support install problems with this version, unfortunately. We can connect to it IF you get it running but that’s it.
IN ADDITION there is a setting you must make in Catalina – you have to tick the Teamviewer app’s under System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy, Accessibility first followed by Screen Recording for it work. Accessibility may already be ticked and you may just need to only tick Screen Recording. All of this is due to new security measures Apple put into Catalina. If you don’t do this then when we connect to your Mac we will only see a grey screen
When trying to reach us for technical support, the absolute best way to do so is to send an email to support@portlandiacloudservices.com. These will get the quickest turnaround, often even quicker than a telephone call.
However, if you are unable to send an email to us (because your email is broken, for example, or you have lost your password) then please use the following form. Be sure to include a callback telephone number. This form will be emailed to us.
NOTE: please DO NOT use this form for disconnect or service termination requests. Such requests from this form will be ignored. Please send email from your email program or from the Webmail interface for such requests.