Portlandia Cloud Services

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Our Products

Commercial and Personal Email

We offer email boxes both with and without a global address book. We support all major e-mail programs and include remote configuration and installation of email programs for every user as part of the package. We also can help you to select the best connectivity for your site to access our services.

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Colocated, Virtual & Managed Servers

We offer both physical and virtual rack space if you would prefer to have your mail or web hosted on an independent server. We can also install and remotely administer your mailserver if you would rather host at your site. We can also help you to setup a solid backup strategy for your company data.

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Web site hosting & Domain mangement

We offer basic shared webhosting both bare and with the Wordpress CMS installed so you can build your own site if you wish. We can also refer you to web designers if you would prefer to buy a site. We also offer consultation services to help you with networking and online presence questions.

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