Portlandia Cloud Services

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Our History

Portlandia Cloud Services was started in February of 2014 by the owners of Portlandia IT LLC

In March 2014 Portlandia IT acquired the assets of Internet Partners, Inc. This was an ISP that had contracted Portlandia IT to manage it’s operations in April of 2011.
By late 2013 the owner of Internet Partners wanted to retire, and did not want to make any further investments in Internet Partners. Portlandia IT did not wish to purchase the company because as an LLC it had no interest in owning an incorporated company. So, Internet Partners, Inc. sold Portlandia it’s application serving assets, (email servers and web servers) and retained what connectivity it had left.
Portlandia IT got the right to use the name Internet Partners, but decided to create a new name for the new company. This highlighted the fact that the Internet Serving market had changed. Internet Partners was mainly a connectivity company with a minor focus on application servicing. Portlandia Cloud Services, by contrast, is mainly a cloud-based application servicing company with only a consultative focus on connectivity.
In 2018, Portlandia IT lost a partner and the remaining partner closed Portlandia Cloud Services as a company.  It now operates as a brand of Portlandia IT.
We look forward to continuing to provide services for many years.