Portlandia Cloud Services

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Colocated, Virtual & Managed Servers

We offer combined hosting and server management packages. Some businesses do not want to have their email on the same server that other customers e-mail is located on, but they also want the benefits of a cloud-based managed server. We can setup a virtual server at our location in our hosting cabinet on one of our Vmware servers. This isolates the server from other customers yet retains the cost savings of a shared server approach.

For complete isolation a business can purchase (or rent for short term) a 1U rack mounted server and we can host and manage it at our location.

We also offer the ability to manage a mailserver that is located at a customer’s site. Of course, the business must have a server room or other environment that can isolate noise from the rest of the company, plus UPS power and cooling. In these instances we can remotely manage the mailserver for the business.

Another area we can assist in is backup. Our shared e-mail services do not include long term archival backup but some businesses are required by document retention laws to make and retain archival backups. We can setup a system for these customers to field a storage server at their location, then at night we can send backups of their employee email to this server for long term archival.