Portlandia Cloud Services

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Web site hosting & Domain management

We can include basic website hosting with any of our business mail packages, and we also sell it separately. Although many companies contract with a web designer who has a preferred web hosting service, we can offer basic Windows and Linux hosting, as well as WordPress hosting. (for example this site is hosted on our servers and designed by us)
We can also handle domain name registration and hosting of the DNS servers for the domain. Many customers have found that web designers come and go and have had bad experiences with their domain name tied up at a web hosting service that the new web designer is not interested in using. This can be critical when company e-mail is involved. We can host the DNS serving for the domain and sell new domain names, too. We can also act as a domain broker should you be interested in a specific domain name held by a speculator, and do not wish to inform the speculator of who you are.